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Bouygues Turkmen
Robert Bellon

An extraordinary place of worship

With its 36,000 m² and 36 ha of gardens, the Turkmen mosque in Kiptchak can accommodate up to 10,000 worshipers. It is the largest mosque in Central Asia. Turkmenistan is at the gates of Central Asia, between sea and mountains. In Ashgabat, its capital, four minarets surround a golden dome: it is the Kiptchak mosque, open to the faithful since 2004. Combining the Ottoman style and Turkmen geometry, the building emerges at the bend of a dune, at the foot of the Kopet-Dag massif. Built on a swamp, in a seismic zone classified 7 on the Richter scale, it was completed in three years and mobilized all the technical know-how of Bouygues Turkmen.

4 minarets
36,000 m² of total area
36 ha of gardens

The + : Anecdote

Bouygues Turkmen has created its own concrete, carpentry, painting, boilermaking, electromechanical, etc. workshops in Turkmenistan. The company trains local companions there over several years. More than 400 Turkmens have been trained in the staff workshop.


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