A full service contractor

Support from A to Z

Erecting towers, developing tourist facilities, renovating schools, designing more functional hospitals… To succeed in these complex projects, Bouygues Bâtiment International relies on over 50 years of experience during which we enriched our know-how with the best practices encountered on the 5 continents.

Our activities therefore span the entire construction value chain, in order to meet a single objective: customer satisfaction. Our added value is thus optimal when we are involved upstream of a project, from its design phase, and expresses itself beyond the act of building in the maintenance and operation of our works.

A higher added value through a complete involvement

As a credible company amongst the financial institutions, we have a duty to serve your ambitions. Our specialist teams are able to assist in structuring an optimised financing arrangement. Through many years of successful involvement in complex operations such as Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) projects, we have established a solid network of trusting equity and debt providers who are keen to participate in development projects spearheaded by our Group.

Our scope can range from initial advice to due diligence management and full project-finance arrangement, depending on the project environment and on the needs of our clients. Easy access to international finance, experienced risk management and long term cost optimization: we implement innovative solutions so that your projects go forward smoothly.

At your request, our in-house design management team will work alongside and coordinate jointly selected specialist design consultants. They will ensure that deliverables are met and that equipment selection, value engineering and risk analysis are done. We are pioneering construction technology with the use of integrated BIM processes at each step of our activity.

Structural calculations, stability calculations, thermal calculations: our engineering teams will give you firm and trustworthy answers, using resources from the different Bouygues Construction skill centres (materials engineering, acoustics, foundations) to ensure you get the optimal solutions for your project.

Having started out as builders, capable of managing iconic construction projects, we have gradually extended our scope to offer a comprehensive range of expertise. But we have never lost sight of our heart and soul: construction. Because control of estimating and design monitoring, an understanding of operational practices a globalized purchasing policy and management of manufacturing times are at the very heart of our success.

In the phase of structural work as in the execution of the secondary trades you will be able to count on the expertise of our production teams. Our experience and our company culture, based on the respect of the deadlines and the satisfaction of the customer, are our main assets and our trademark.

We provide assistance to our clients on a long-term basis, taking responsibility for all services and maintenance related operations for our constructions. Our objective: ensuring comfortable, sustainable and cost-efficient buildings.

As a major player in the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) market, our teams have acquired a strong expertise in developing long term whole-life cyble cost projections and optimisation, including facilities management, life cycle replacement and commercial operations. Our experts are then able to provide high-quality services for the well-being of users, through multi-discipline maintenance, energy management, occupant services (security, cleaning, catering, reception), IT communications and property management.

In addition, our teams developed a specific expertise in building operation such as spots venues, airports or hotels.

Committed Supply Chain

When it comes to our supply chain, we work hand in hand with suppliers and subcontractors to establish long-term sustainable partnerships underscored by our values and fundamentals. This means doing business with the highest levels of integrity and transparency to ensure safe and fair conditions for all.  

We have 530 buyers spread across 20 countries ready to source and transport resources efficiently and responsibly. We implement a turnkey procurement approach, led by a reference buyer for each project. They act as a single point of contact and rely on a network of buyers who are experts in their category or region to identify the best solutions to support throughout the lifespan of the project.   

400 of our suppliers and subcontractors take part alongside our teams in our Committed Supply Chain Forum.


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