Our people

Our people are our most important resource. At the heart of our company, they represent nearly 10,000 talented individuals dedicated to transforming society for the better through life-changing sustainable buildings. Whatever their role – a member of our Executive Committee, a member of the Minorange, part of our specialised central engineering department or one of our knowledgeable local experts, they share common values that shape who we are and how we operate. These four values are at the core of everything we do: trust, simplicity, teamwork, and a pioneering spirit.

Driven by great human and technical challenge, our people work tirelessly to deliver projects that leave the world in a better place for generations to come.

Our Executive Committee

Pierre-Eric Saint-André
Chairman & CEO, Chairman Dragages Hong Kong
Franck Lombard
Executive Vice President in charge of Cuba
Fabiennne Viala
Chairman Bouygues UK
Pascal Baertschi
Geographical Director in charge of Central Europe
Christophe Petit
Executive Vice President in charge of Business Development
Ali Bencheqroun
Geographical Director in charge of Africa, Maghreb and the Middle East
Jean-Baptiste Baudin de la Valette
Geographical Director in charge of the USA and the Caribbean
Alexei Rechov
Geographical Director in charge of Central Asia
Bruno Botella
Geographical Director in charge of Asia
Pierre Skorochod
Chief Financial Officer
Pierre Souquière
Human Resources Director
Elena Hatzigeorgiou
Legal and Compliance Director
Christophe Bilaine
Technical Director
Adélaïde Girard-Madoux
Health and Safety Manager
Izaskun Laucirica
Quality and Environment Director

The Guilds of the Minorange

Founded in 1963 by Francis Bouygues, the “The Minorange Guild” is an internal professional community that recognizes the best workers across Bouygues Construction for their expertise, diligence, and commitment on our construction sites. Why “Minorange”? It’s a shortened version of Bouygues’ iconic colour, MINinmum ORANGE, a rust inhibitor used on tower cranes.

Members of the network are organized into different Guilds around the globe. Today, the Guilds represent the excellence of the Bouygues Construction group, embodying its culture and showcasing its technical expertise and leadership in safety. With expertise including general construction work, carpentry and plasterwork, members of the Minorange are seen as the custodians of the profession. Passionate about the industry, they promote knowledge sharing across their networks and serve as ambassadors of safety, commitment, and personal development.

Did you know…? The first Guild began with just 43 members in 1963. Now, there are 600 members across Bouygues Construction’s activities in France and abroad. Of the 15 Guilds that exist today, Bouygues Bâtiment International is proud to count 6 amongst its subsidiaries.

Our values

Paving the way for the transformation of our activities for the future of our planet. This means questioning the status quo and innovating to design, renovate and build differently.

Unleashing the full potential of our teams means establishing relationships based on mutual trust, respect and empowerment.

Co-creating, being supportive, transmitting knowledge… our culture is all about collaborating, sharing, and contributing. Our strength lies in our ability to mobilize, complement each other, and support one another.

Straightforward, grounded in reality, efficient… simplicity means acting and communicating simply: in a complex world, we aim to simplify and make everyone’s life easier.


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