Our Business Lines
  • Airports
  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences
  • Data Centres
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Smart Logistics

Whatever the nature of the project, we work hand in hand with our clients and supply chain partners to deliver complex projects for the development of a sustainable society and a better world.

Our expertise is based on six sector-based Business Lines, each of them led by a diverse community of experts. They create greater value for our clients, offering them in-depth knowledge of trends and best practices around the world so they can combine innovation with competitiveness.

Airports, building for greater connections

Bouygues Bâtiment International is the parent company of Bouygues Construction Airports. The latter is an experienced, market-leading airport developer that works on complex airport projects in challenging financial, environmental, geographical, and regulatory environments. We develop greenfield airport projects from inception to full operation, with extensive experience in airport business growth, and are partners to public project owners, operators, and funders alike.


Healthcare, building for care

As a premier partner in delivering futureproof healthcare facilities, we boast over 50 years’ experience in creating healthcare solutions of all types and scales for clients around the globe. Over time, we have developed strong relationships with sector stakeholders, both public and private hospital operators. By drawing on this international reference book, our human-centric healthcare solutions are tailored to each jurisdiction. They guarantee flexibility and efficiency to keep pace with the sector’s developments in service requirements, all while prioritizing the wellbeing, comfort and safety of patients and medical staff.

Life Sciences, building for innovation

By integrating science, transformation and innovation into every project, our teams of engineers, architects and project managers excel in developing, designing, and building state-of-the-art life sciences facilities. As an industry experiencing extraordinary growth, it requires flexible, sustainable, and sterile facilities to support evolving science and new discoveries. From advanced research laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants to world-leading innovation hubs, our projects lay the groundwork for society’s biggest breakthroughs.

Data Centres, building for resilient IT networks

We are at the forefront of a revolutionary transformation in data centre services, offering comprehensive expertise that spans every facet of data centre creation. Whether new build, restructuring, fit-out, complex retrofit or extension, we offer general contractor design, construction, and commissioning services for data centres to ultimately unleash the full potential of data infrastructure.

Luxury Hotels, building for unique experiences

We believe that luxury hotels reflect excellence in all areas: from hospitality and service to gastronomy. It’s all about the detail, the relentless pursuit of excellence to make a stay an exceptional moment in time. Every hotel we create is a new challenge, a rare opportunity to showcase our full range of expertise that incorporates meticulous detail and exquisite quality. At each stage of a luxury hotel project, we offer creative solutions from the drafting of a comprehensive building plan to supervising the conception of its design or financial structuring. With an international portfolio spanning the globe, our holistic approach guarantees a single point of contact for the delivery of a premium turnkey hotel.

Smart Logistics, building for efficient supply chains

The recent shift in consumer behavior has transformed the logistics and distribution sector, an industry experiencing exponential growth. We partner with clients to imagine and deliver intelligent distribution centers that guarantee the highest levels of efficiency to meet their supply chain requirements, considering flow optimization, the latest innovations and energy consumption.


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