Become a building pioneer

An HR policy based on values

Wherever they are and whatever their trade, Bouygues Bâtiment International’s 26,000 employees share the common values that contribute to the group’s identity: a taste for technical and human challenges, a sense of client satisfaction and a passion for building. Our HR strategy relies on this DNA. But it is based on a deep conviction: more than an international company, we are a multi-local company. This concretely means that, everywhere on the planet, we work hard to recruit, integrate and train new local managers in order to allow them to progressively evolve towards the direction of operations. And thus guarantee our clients the best possible responsiveness and an optimal understanding of their expectations.

Becoming part of the Bouygues Bâtiment International family also means joining a world leader in construction. This means working in a multicultural environment, being entrusted with responsibility for different projects, enjoying the mobility opportunities the Group has to offer, supported by our HR teams throughout your career. It is above all the opportunity to embark on an exceptional human and professional journey.

Our corporate responsibility

Havana, Sydney, Bangkok, Casablanca, London, Ashgabat, Sint Maarten… Every morning before getting to work and every evening after leaving work, our employees have to cope with the harsh realities of the world around us. Today perhaps more than ever before, nowhere is immune.

At Bouygues Bâtiment International, we consider that our role as an entrepreneur does not stop at building. We have a corporate responsibility to help the communities around us and we are adopting an increasingly systematic approach in this area. The wealth and variety of the social and societal initiatives conducted by Bouygues Bâtiment International and its subsidiaries are powerful symbols of an individual and collective commitment. The beautiful stories that are written every day thanks to the commitment of our employees is a source of immense pride for us.

Ny hoavico in Madagascar

In Madagascar, the local association Ny hoavico (“My future” in Malagasy), who was enabling children to go to school, was helped to acquire a land and build a 200 m² permanent center, using the airports construction sites materials and expertise. With the help of Terre Plurielle, the Bouygues Construction Foundation, the association also pays their school fees. 

Building Resilience in Cuba

Following Hurricane Matthew in 2014 that struck the eastern part of Cuba, the homes of more 120,000 people were affected. A partnership between Bouygues Bâtiment International and the CARE International associations was set up to give residents access to material and technical know-how so they could rebuild their homes.

Sensory Garden, Hong Kong

The Hong Chi association looks after children with mental disabilities in a school built back in the 1950s.The local team of architects of BYME Hong Kong sketched out plans and designed a big garden with 5 different zones, one zone for one sense, to be able to provide a new form of learning therapy via the exploration of all 5 senses. 

Success in diversity

Diversity is an integral component of our corporate strategy today. For Bouygues Bâtiment International, diversity is a deeply-rooted philosophy, a collective commitment for which every employee is both a witness and a custodian. It is also the illustration of a rich, plural and open minded, outward-looking company. In 2012, the AFNOR awarded Bouygues Bâtiment International a diversity label (France perimeter), with this label being renewed in 2018. Fighting against discrimination, refusing sexist behaviour, promoting intergenerational transmission… A raft of initiatives are implemented, all aimed at building a fairer and more inclusive company. 

Since 2019, companies have been encouraged to measure their professional equality performance.

This index is broken down into 5 indicators measuring the company’s gender equality performance. Bouygues Bâtiment International has obtained the following results for 2020:

  • 1  – Salary gap between women and men: 39/40 points
  • 2  – Salary increase rate gap between women and men: 20/20 points
  • 3  – Promotion rate gap between women and men: 15/15 points
  • 4  – Percentage of female employees having benefited from a salary increase in the year of their return from maternity or adoption leave: 15/15 points
  • • 5  – Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest wages: 0/10 points

The overall result for the year 2020 is 89/100 points.


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